Green and energy-efficient building

Green building is a relatively new trend in construction, dynamically developing on the Polish construction market. It is connected with a raising awareness of the people about direct impact on the environment they have.

Construction services for individual customers...

Eastern Construction Cluster is composed of qualified entrepreneurships and specialists that show diligence and passion when performing given tasks, and each new construction is equally important to them.

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Companies of the Eastern Construction Cluster are engaged in comprehensive construction of industry facilities, indoor markets, production facilities, all types of public utility buildings, residential buildings and health care facilities. We gladly share our knowledge and experience concerning comprehensive construction works with our clients, assisting in choosing the best solution.

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About us

Polish Consulting Association seated in Białystok is an association incorporating representatives of consulting and financial entrepreneurships. The association also provides services concerning acquiring European Union Funds and offers its knowledge and experience in operating and implementing projects co-financed by the European Union.

It is the best organisation in the Podlaskie Voivodeship providing comprehensive support Clusters in the scope of increasing the  Clusters’ potential and its members in terms of quality and complementarity of operated enterprises.

"Construction industry is a highly competitive line of business, but even here there is a broad field for cooperation. Analysis of potential of entities interested in creating the Eastern Construction Cluster in the Eastern Poland macro region done by Polish Consulting Association indicates that most entities perceive construction sector as an average industry in terms of development, but with great prospects. (...). It is clearly visible that the biggest problem of most companies from Eastern Poland macro region is the fact that they are too small to compete for lucrative contracts, introduce innovation or develop dynamically. Entrepreneurs themselves understand the reason for establishing a network of cooperation in  form of a cluster, and this is essential.”

Tomasz Kozłowski
Coordinator of the Business Environment Institutions Cluster

President of the Polish Consulting Association

Initiator of the Eastern Construction Cluster

Eastern Construction Cluster

is a project implemented within the confines of Operational Programme Development of Eastern Poland, Priority Axis I: Modern Economy, Measure I.4 Promotion and cooperation, number PO PW 01.04.03-00-028/11.


On 14th May 2012 Polish Consulting Association in Białystok signed an agreement with Polish Agency for Enterprise Development for the implementation of the Eastern Construction Cluster project. The range of the project covers Eastern Poland region Voivodeships. In the first year of implementation it will incorporate entities from Podlaskie Voivodeship (21) and Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship (2), in the following year there will be also one entity from Lubelskie Voivodeship (the goal is 29 entities from 3 voivodeships). It is also planned to establish cooperation with other networks of cooperation from other regions of the country (not less than 1 cluster).

Eastern Construction Cluster project is complementary to actions performed within the confines of the Business Environment Institutions Cluster – a project coordinated by the Polish Consulting Association – and is also a continuation of promotion of the clustering concept and development of ties between business and science.


Members of the cluster